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GHP in 2023

As we have nestled into our year, there is so much I’m excited for. We are entering our fourth year of educating, giving, and celebrating the period. This year we are turning up the volume with our education. As we are adding more schools to our GHP Community, we are adding classes for administrators and sports coaches to shed more light to proper communication and creating safe spaces for their students. It is not only important to have access to proper menstrual products, it is extremely crucial to understand menstrual health as a whole to curate a clean, confident and comfortable environment for students in sports, career and education.

Now this year brings in our biggest event , our 2nd Annual Period Summit. GHP is currently planning a bigger and better event to electrify the city. There are so many great surprises for the community

Join us in volunteering, donating, sharing, and advocating .

Text 949-Team-GHP to keep a tab on us, you can join our community here

Much Love


GHP leading an education class at James N. Gamble Montessori High School- Cincinnati,OH 2022

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